"My goal, EVERY time I play, is to entertain my audience with THEIR favorite music." -Ron
"Son can you play me a memory?"
-Billy Joel

Pedro O'Hara's                        7-10
Lewiston                              6/21/17

Captain Jack's                          7-10
Naples                                  6/22/17

Cole Farm's
Restuarant Pub                  7:30-10
Gray                                      6/23/17

The Depot Sports Pub           8-11
Gardiner                              6/24/17

Old Port Tavern                    7-9:30
Portland                               6/30/17

Byrnes Irish Pub                      8-11
Bath                                        7/1/17

Boardwalk Cafe & Pub     10pm-1
Hampton Beach, NH           7/3/17

Fast Breaks                              7-10
Lewiston                                7/4/17

Pedro O'Hara's                        7-10
Lewiston                                7/5/17

Nancy's Sports Pub                  6-9
Naples                                    7/6/17

Silver Street Tavern                8-11
Waterville                              7/7/17

Old Port Tavern                   7-9:30
Portland                                 7/8/17

Alive on the River
Concert Series                           6-8
Wiscassett                           7/13/17

Old Port Tavern                   7-9:30
Portland                              7/14/17

Suds Pub                                   8-11
Bethel                                  7/15/17

Captain Jack's                             6-9
Naples                                  7/18/17

Pedro O'Hara's                        7-10
Lewiston                              7/19/17

The Depot Sports Pub           8-11
Gardiner                              7/20/17

Rustic Grill and Tavern          7-10
West Paris                           7/21/17

Make a Request!!! ... from a repertoire of over 1200 songs which includes everything from quiet sentimental pop ballads to high-energy rock anthems, country, blues or American standards.
But primarily, I play mainstream pop/rock covers from a variety of classic and contemporary artists such as:

Sing for the day, sing for the moment,
sing for the time of your life"-Styx
I have played for audiences ranging from small, intimate gatherings to lively, weekend crowds that often end up singing and dancing their hearts out. Whatever your event or venue might be, I can provide just the right atmosphere and music for it.

"...and the band begins to play."
-the Beatles
BAND ALSO AVAILABLE by REQUEST. If FUN is what you're looking for, then we've got the band for you. Some of the best dance and party music for young and old alike.